Agon 2nd Edition

Agon 2nd Edition

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Tabletop Gaming Awards 2021 Nominee for Best Roleplaying Game

In the mists of ancient time, a poet sings of great deeds wrought by mighty heroes—of monsters slain and justice restored, of wise counsel and devious strategies, of courage, valor, and daring—defiant of the gods themselves. In AGON, you create these heroes, crafting their epic tale into an immortal legend.

On their way back home from war, a band of heroes becomes lost among strange islands populated by mythical creatures, dangerous villains, legendary kingdoms, and desperate people—each entangled in strife, at the mercy of the capricious gods.

It falls to you as the epic heroes of your age to seize this opportunity for greatness—to set things right in these lost lands, overcome the trials of gods, monsters, and mortals, prove the glory of your name, and win your way back home.

In this book, you’ll find:
• Rules for creating your epic heroes, earning Glory for their Names, and forging their eternal legends.
• Divine Favor, Bonds, and Pathos to call upon for great deeds.
• Islands full of gods, monsters, and people to challenge your heroes.
• Contests of Arts & Oration, Blood & Valor, Craft & Reason, and Resolve & Spirit test both the prowess and passions of the heroes.
• Guidance for the Strife Player, who presents the challenges of the islands.
• The Vault of Heaven to record your progress towards returning home and the grace (or ire) of the gods.