Catan  – New Energies
Catan  – New Energies

Catan – New Energies

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It’s the 21st Century and Catan is at a crossroads. Long gone is the agrarian society of the island’s Viking ancestors. Today’s Catanians need energy to keep society moving and growing, but pollution is wreaking havoc on the island.

CATAN – New Energies is classic CATAN with a modern and relevant twist. You must decide: Invest in clean energy resources or opt for cheaper fossil fuels, potentially causing disastrous effects for the island?

  • MODERN TWIST ON CLASSIC CATAN: Experience the beloved CATAN gameplay with a 21st-century twist, focusing on energy resources and sustainable development.
  • CLEAN VS. FOSSIL ENERGY: Players face critical decisions between investing in clean energy or cheaper fossil fuels, impacting the island's future.
  • STRATEGIC & RELEVANT THEME: A game with a memorable message. Strategize to balance societal needs and environmental impact in a rapidly changing world.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Assembled in the USA with sustainably-sourced wood and paper. CATAN New Energies commits to environmental responsibility, containing no plastic.
  • STUNNING ARTWORK BY IAN O'TOOLE: Renowned artist Ian O'Toole brings the game to life with gorgeous art, enhancing the immersive experience of modern CATAN.