Cube Puzzler Pro
Cube Puzzler Pro
Cube Puzzler Pro
Cube Puzzler Pro
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Cube Puzzler Pro

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Can you build a cube from the 6 colourful, ball-shaped puzzle pieces?
Cube Puzzler PRO’s case doubles as an attractive tray to play the game. Open the transparent cube to transform it from a storage case into a game board. The game includes a challenge booklet with 80 real 3D-challenges and solutions.
Age: 10+
Challenges: 80
Inside the box

Transparent cube featuring as storage case & game board. 6 colourful ball-shaped puzzle pieces, Booklet with 80 challenges & solutions

12 x 12 x 12
What the experts say
Playing Cube Puzzler PRO stimulates the following cognitive skills:
Planning, Problem Solving, Spatial Insight