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Explore the mysterious bug city of the Cuticorium, orchestrate plots for supremacy, and uncover the secrets of the outside world.


Playing as a tiny bug is a daunting task without help.

>Using the unique Web system, you can build and burn connections with the land, other bugs, or yourself. Web tokens are used to power friendships or preserve the natural order. Mix and match from 21 Features to define what type of bug you are, opening up new ways to spend Webs and lay out your schemes. Travel between the 23 distinct locations inside and outside the Cuticorium, escape from danger by chaining String Moves together, and help cultivate this new civilzation of sentiant arthropods.

Cuticorium uses a GM/Storyteller, 1-5 players, and d4 dice. It can be played in short one-shots or multi-session campaigns. There is also solo-journaling play with twelve detailed Ommatidia tables for randomly generating bug characters. The PDF incudes access to character sheets, the double sided high-res map, and an ambient nine track original musical score to set the mood.