Green Toys Ocean Sea Plane
Green Toys Ocean Sea Plane

Green Toys Ocean Sea Plane

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Join the eco-rescue mission with this OceanBound Plastic SeaPlane where playtime meets environmental awareness! This incredible toy is not only fun and exciting but also makes a positive impact on our planet, transforming ocean-bound plastic waste into an innovative and sustainable toy that will ignite your child's imagination while fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

  • Made from plastic at risk of entering our oceans in global communities
  • Supports the development of formal waste collection programs in critical areas
  • OceanBound Plastic can be recycled again, just like traditional plastic
  • Made in USA

By bringing home the OceanBound Plastic SeaPlane, you not only provide endless hours of joy for your child but also empower them to become environmental champions. Let's drive toward a brighter and cleaner future together!

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