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“Finally, a chance to bring back your beloved D&D character wiped during a TPK.” - Dicebreaker

ink is a roguelite RPG where you play as the ghosts of dead characters trying to battle their way out of the spirit world. Every time your party dies, you gain valuable Shards which can help you and your Shadow gain new supernatural powers and unlock forgotten memories of your past life. This coffee-fueled game includes rules for procedurally generated campaigns, nautical combat, and a bevy of friendly Boorista ghosts along the way to sell you invigorating, caffeinated magical elixirs.

The hauntingly illustrated hardcover ink core rulebook includes:

all of the rules that you need to play the game

a map of the spirit world and details on the islands and fiends of the Ink

6 Shadow forms that players can choose from to grow their supernatural abilities

10 Greater Fiends to challenge players at the end of their epic journey

25 sea creatures and common fiends of the Ink to challenge players along the way

75+ different Elixirs and supernatural Powers for players to gain

rules for nautical combat, including constructing and upgrading ships

rules for rapidly creating dungeon crawl journeys

a collection of Boorista owned and operated Elixir shops to drop into your campaigns!