Mayaflya Indoor Assorted Styles Frisbee

Mayaflya Indoor Assorted Styles Frisbee

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Indoor discs are 7" in diameter, are lightweight, and loosely crocheted for indoor play. Over 20 games and 50 uses. Read a few here:

MayaFlya GolfUse a tree, a doorknob down the hall, a lawn chair, a laundry bin, etc as your target, take aim and shoot. The winner of that hole chooses the next target.

DooleyThrow two discs from your one hand at the same time to your buddy who tries to catch with only one hand. Catch 1 = 1 pt., 2 = 3 pts. Play to 11. Either team play (you and your bud vs. the bad guys) or 1 on 1. If 1 on 1, you must always make good throws (or re-throw if its a bad one) This game is extra good if holding a drink in your free hand. Pro rules: Nobody catches allowed - using your body as a backboard and then grabbing with your hand.

Monkey in the middleJust like it sounds – can play either: As soon as it hits the ground it's dead and the one who made the bad throw or missed catch is the monkey, or its still live if it hits the ground and its a race to get it.

BowlingLine 'em up and knock 'em down. Cups, corks, whatever you have on hand. Keep away: Same as monkey in the middle but with teams.

Juggle tossingOne MayaFlya per person. Toss it to the next person and look quick b/c one’s coming your way. Make the pair, triangle, square, etc as close or far as you like.

SolitaireToss it as close to the ceiling as you can without touching it. You must catch the disc to have that toss count.

UltimateSame rules as ultimate frisbee but better played on a smaller field – indoors or out.

ShootoutLike a soccer shootout – the goalie stands in front of a net or a door or any other designated goal to defend. The shooter stands behind a line 10, 15, 20 feet away and fires one shot at a time. Take 5 shots and then switch and keep track of the score.

WarGet at either end of a ping pong table or any other table that keeps some distance between the players. Start nailing each other. Headshots worth 2. If a clean catch is made (nobody catches) a point is given to the catcher. This all sounds violent, but it is one of our funniest games. The up and down to dodge and then pick up discs is a major cardio workout. No more than one player per side is recommended. Eye protection encouraged.

Regular ol’ catchBut closer and safer – indoors our out, the MayaFlya won't ding your walls like a plastic disc and b/c it doesn't fly as far, you will be close enough to your throwing partner that conversations will come out of nowhere.

TagChase your kids or friends around the yard or house and safely hit them with a shot – they are then it ... repeat. Dodge disc: Just like with balls but with a soft, safe MayaFlya

 Cobweb cleanerCan’t reach that cobweb with a broom and ladder? No problem. Just take aim

with a MayaFlya.

  • Nap PillowRoll it up and sneak in a few winks between classes, meetings and calls.

  • Eye covers: Put one over your eyes to keep the light out while snoozin’

  • Cozier coozieHold it inside out around your drink and tuck your fingers into the lip for a secure

    and warm hold.

  • CoasterGrandma will be happy you didn't ruin her finish.

  • PotholderYou probably shouldn’t pick up a hot pot with it, but could put one on the table on top

    of a MayaFlya and you'll be fine.