Metal Switchblade Comb

Metal Switchblade Comb

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The Switchblade comb is back from the 1950s! Looks and works like a real switchblade but it’s really a safe and handy hair comb. Just slide the safety lock and push the switch to quickly flip out our stainless steel and black plastic comb.

You can be a retro-punk and always look your best! Our Switchblade comb looks like a prop from a 1950’s musical, like Grease or West Side Story. A classic trick comb and fun party gift in a retro package.

Silver Stainless Steel and Black Plastic - Push button activated with a slide lock

Not for children under 12
Size: 9" Long Opened (9 x 1 x .25 inches) - 5” Long Closed
Package: Retro Color Gift Box - “Folding Pocket Comb”