Modarri Rescue Pack
Modarri Rescue Pack
Modarri Rescue Pack

Modarri Rescue Pack

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Whether you’re a police car in hot pursuit, on patrol, or saving the day - with a total of 24 interchangeable parts you can be whatever first-responder vehicle you can imagine!

Our Modular Building System uses retained screws that won't fall out for quick and easy on-the-go customization. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts! Every piece is interchangeable across every Modarri car. Put yourself in the driver's seat. With Modarri PRO's real suspension and finger-steering mechanics, you can perform figure eights and tight turns without ever having to re-position your hand! Die-cast metal and Real Suspension for precise maneuverability!

This pack includes:

  • Black S2 Muscle chassis
  • S2 Muscle Police hood
  • S2 Muscle Police fender
  • S1 Street Police frame
  • Red X1 Dirt chassis
  • X1 Dirt Beach Patrol fender
  • X1 Dirt Beach Patrol frame
  • R1 Roadster Beach Patrol hood
  • C1 Concept Forest Ranger fender
  • X1 Dirt Forest Ranger hood
  • S1 Street Urban Patrol fender
  • R1 Roadster Urban Patrol hood
  • 2 Front and Rear Suspension with wheels Hex Tool
  • 3 Interlocking Barriers (2 orange, 1 white)
  • 8 Soft Rubber Traffic Cones