Pirate Ships
Pirate Ships

Pirate Ships

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players 2, playtime: 15-30 minutes, ages: 5+

A dexterity game in which you have to throw "cannonballs" (flat cardboard discs) on your opponent's ship.

Each player starts with a flat cardboard ship made of a bow, a stern and 6 tiles in between, with one "intact" white side and one "damaged, on fire" red side, one of the 6 tiles having a captain and another having a treasure on the red side.

When your cannonball lands on one or two of the opponent's ship's tiles, if the tile is intact you flip it over to show the damaged side, if it was already damaged it is discarded and the ship becomes shorter.

If you hit the treasure, you can fix one of your ship's tiles; if you hit the captain you can launch another cannonball.

Players alternate turns until only one boat remains not totally destroyed.