Psychic Kids

Psychic Kids

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Your Powers have awakened. You’ve escaped from the Facility. Now you have to run!

You are Psychic Kids. People in suits tested your powers for almost as long as you can remember. You dimly recall a time before; when you were safe and loved. Now you must stay ahead of Agents, adventure across the country together, and find your memory of safety.

This +One System RPG uses standard six-sided dice for skill rolls, and a deck of playing cards to activate your psychic powers.

· Test your own psychic ability when you draw a card. The more accurate your guess, the more power you have!
· Choose from 12 psychic powers for your Kid.
· Face threats from the Facility, Civilians, Nature, and the otherworldly “Else”
· Run through 2 adventure plans and 1 complete adventure.

A complete roleplaying game for older kids and folks who remember the ‘90s!