Super Fly 4" tin
Super Fly 4" tin

Super Fly 4" tin

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Musca Domestica (commonly known as a housefly) has thousands of individual visual receptors called ommatidia. These receptors create what is known as a compound eye, which is capable of an almost 360-degree view and incredibly speedy sight.

Named for the creature with the fastest vision in the world, Super Fly Thinking Putty® will put your eyes to the test! Shimmering tones of metallic green and black give way to gray and silver, just like the body of a common fly. But look again and you’ll see tones of peach, mauve, and pink refracting off of its pearly sheen.

Includes: (3.2 oz.) of Thinking Putty

Color: Green with hints of pink running throughout

Features: Memory Effect, Tearable, Bounceable, Soft Texture

Materials: Non-toxic silicone

Never dries out!

Proudly made in the USA.

Manufactured with the help of exceptional individuals challenged with disabilities.