YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game
YippiYappa Camp Game

YippiYappa Camp Game

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The best lightweight camp game on the market! Play one of the games included in the instructions or make your own


With your YippiYappa game kit you can play a variety of awesome games anywhere. From frantic racing to mellow shooting, we got a game for you below.  Simply dump out the Peloties (the small balls) and get to it.  

To get started: We suggest you roll down a small cuff at the top of the YippiYappa basket (like an upside down pant cuff) This helps prevent the collapse of the basket.

Taps (The house favorite at Buena Onda Games):

A fast racing game with two teams of two - sit across the table from your partner (like playing bridge or spades). Put the YippiYappa in the middle of the table. Each player gets 2 balls. All count 1,2,3, GO! All players go at once and must tap their Pelotie on the table before every shot. If you don't tap the Pelotie before your shot, you must remove that ball, re-shoot it, and have a consequence (house’s choice).  Each partner must make two balls so if I've made my 2 balls but my partner missed 1, I have to pass their ball back to them until they've made their 2 as well. The team that gets all 4 balls in first wins that round. Losers of the round have a consequence. After each round, players all shift to the seat to their left (optional). Play best 4 out of 7 rounds to win a set.  Play as many sets as you like.  A few rules the pros follow to make it more sporting:

  • When shooting, your hand and elbow must stay behind the edge of the table. If busted, a consequence is in order and the ball must re-shot. Set the shooting distance as far as your skill level allows.
  • You can’t shoot your 2nd ball until you’ve scored at least 1.

  • If you tip the Yippi, your ball comes out and there’s a consequence.


YippiYappa: Two teams – 1 or 2 players per team. Shoot from anywhere and place the Yippi anywhere.

Need it easier: Use a backboard like a wall or chair. 

Regular play: No backboard so the basket can tip on bad shots.

Take turns shooting your balls. The solid colored/dotted ball is the money ball and goes last each round and is worth two points. Winner of the round chooses the next round's shooting details and goes first. Play to 11. Play sitting or standing or both within any given match.  Pro Tip: Twist inspiration: We’ve seen folks set the YippiYappa on a hammock and then swing the hammock to make it even harder.


In the Cotton: Put your YippiYappa in a bigger bowl, small bucket, can, anything a bit larger than the Yippi.  Cuff the Yippi or not as you choose.  Take turns shooting from anywhere (same rules as the YippiYappa game described above).   A great game for beginners because you have more opportunities to score.


  • 1 point in the bowl/bucket

  • 2 points in the cotton (in the cotton means in the YippiYappa basket)

  • The money ball is shot last and is worth one extra point: 2 in the bowl, 3 in the cotton.  

  • Advanced playing scoring note: if not cuffed, often you'll mash the basket.  Keep playing.  At the end, the test is to lift the Yippi straight up in the air.  If the balls fall out, they get 1 point for being in the bowl.  If they stay in the cotton, 2 points it is.  (Plus a bonus one if it's the money ball).  


Dump n Shoot: Play 1 on 1 or 2 on 2. (Rules described here are for 1 on 1 but with teams just take turns with your teammate)  Dump all 8 balls out in front of you.  Chuck the basket to your bud(s).  They set the basket in front of them and that's it for now for them.  You shoot one ball at a time until you can no longer make any (if you mash the basket too much) or run out of balls.  Your partner will have to catch any that miss the Yippi basket.  When done, count up the number of balls in the basket and apply the same lift test as In The Cotton above.  Money balls don't count extra in this game.  

This game is best if played on a long table and if the basket falls off the table no points are awarded that round.  You can end your round as the shooter at any time you think the basket is too close to risk another shot or might flip over and spill the balls.  Since the non-shooter also has to catch the missed balls, if they hit the ground, the non-shooter has a consequence.  No points or deductions, just a consequence.  

  • Pro Tip:  What if I tip the Yippi?  If you have enough space on the table, balls left to shoot, and not many in the basket, then why not go for it?  Rip a sidearm laser at the top edge of the bottom of the basket which is now facing you.  With practice, you can flip that Yippi right back up and cut your losses with a few late round drainers.  


Slides:  (Need two YippiYappa kits for this one) 

Another awesome racing game.  Don't cuff the basket, but you are allowed to open it up for your partner as often as needed.  Sit side by side to your opponent and across from your partner, rather like cornhole/bag toss but at a table.   Start with both Yippis on one side of the table.  On 3, slide the closed Yippi with 8 balls to your partner.  They open, dump the balls, then slide the Yippi back to their partner who started the round.  Shoot all 8 balls in as fast as possible.  The partner minding the Yippi has to fetch the missed balls and return them to their shooting partner until all 8 are in.  When that happens, your partner then dumps the balls out in front of them and slides the basket back to you.  Then they race to get all 8 in before the other team.  Play best 4 out of 7.  

Pro Tips/Rules: You can’t make a backboard for your partner with your hand behind the Yippi.  Beginners/Chillin’?: Lay your forearm across the table to prevent misses from flying all over.  

Pros?: No arm layin’ allowed.  You back up a tad from the table and field those misses off your chest, beerbelly, hands, whatever it takes, just like a good 3rd baseman would.



A 1 on 1 game: Sit opposite your opponent at a table.  Take turns shooting.  Your opponent returns your missed shot to you.  Each shot you make, scoot your chair back an agreed upon distance.  Continue scooting after each successful shot until you’ve made all 4.  Clear your balls from the YippiYappa, then scoot back in towards the table with each successful shot until you’ve made 8 total shots and you are back to your original spot.  First one to get back wins.  Player who goes 2nd has a chance to tie with their last shot.  See below for what happens if you Tip the Yippi.


Alley-Oop: Your partner stands pretty far away from you and near the basket.  You toss an alley-oop pass and they have to guide the Pelotie in with a soft hand.  Unlike in hoops, your partner can’t catch and slam it but must steer it in with a tap, or bump.  Keep score, alternate, race, teams… you get the idea. 


Tree Hoops: Gently thumbtack or bungee your Yippi to a tree and shoot away.  Most folks play HORSE or YippiYappa games with this configuration.  


H.O.R.S.E: The good ol’ horse game from back in the day.  Google it if you don’t know it. 


Chuck the Basket:  This game can be played with 2 players but is best in teams of 2.

  • Get across the room from your buddy. Dump out the balls and chuck the basket to your bud.

  • Shooter tosses the balls one at a time, the money ball is always shot last.

  • The catcher uses the basket as a “baseball glove” or movable target.  But they must lock their elbow to their side/hip... So you can pivot with your body, move your forearm and wrist and hand, but you must keep that elbow glued to your side.

  • Count the balls that go in. One point per ball and the money ball is worth 2.

  • Load the balls into the basket, chuck it to the other team and they repeat 1-4 above.

  • The next time it's your team’s turn, the thrower and catcher reverse.

  • Play to 11. The second team has a chance to match if team one gets to 11 first.

  • Point of reality: the basket will collapse at the top if the ball doesn't go in cleanly making it harder to get any more balls in. The catcher can only use the hand that is holding the basket (they hold it at the base) so the best they can do is squeeze it a little and hope it opens up.

  • Pro Version: Have your opponents bring their YippiYappa kit and make this game a race.  The first to get 4 in wins the round.  Return misses as needed until your team has gotten 4 of the 8 balls.  


Mini Bocce: Play bocce, anywhere.  Use the basket as the Pallino or use a golf ball, tennis ball, wadded up sock, a rock or whatever.  Best indoors on even surfaces.



Battleship: Play in the pool or lake.  Put your 4 balls in front of you and your buddy puts his 4 in front of him/her.  Take 4 shots and try to hit your opponent's balls.  Remove any hit balls.  Return your opponent's balls and shoot with however many you have left (un-hit).  Repeat until one of you has no balls left and has had their battleship sunk.  Alternate who goes first each round as it's a distinct advantage to do so.  


Closest to the wall: Take turns tossing or rolling your balls towards a wall.  The closest one that doesn't touch the wall at the end of the round wins.  Up to 5 points max are possible if all 4 of yours are closer than any of your opponents you get those 4 plus a bonus point for the sweep.  Any ball that hits the wall is eliminated from that round.  Play to 11.


Noodlin’: Put a pool noodle in the pool.  Take turns shooting from wherever.  Hit the noodle.  The Pelotie will bounce.  Here’s how you score it:

  • If it bounces over/past the noodle it is no points.  

  • If it bounces back towards you/in front of the noodle, it is one point (2 for the money ball) 

  • If you miss the noodle but the Pelotie lands in front of it, no points.

  • If you miss the noodle and it flies past it/over it, you lose a point.

  • To get a point, the Pelotie must hit the noodle first straight out of the air, not bounce against the noodle from the water.


Soft Toss: Just like at the ballfield, soft toss the Peloties to your aspiring athlete in front of a wall and let them take swipes at it with their baseball/softball bat.  If they can hit a Pelotie, what will they do to a real ball come gametime? 


Hockey skills: Toss some sauce to your bud who will redirect the Pelotie into the Yippi which is laying on its side in front of a wall.  Rip your wristers - low corners, or put up on a stool for top-shelf action.  Juggle a Pelotie on your stick for a hand/eye challenge and tap them back and forth with your pal to see how many times you can keep it up before it hits the ground.  Suggestion: No tape on your stick will help keep mom off your tail… Our stuff won’t hurt the house but we can’t speak for your stick or its tape.  


Common Scenarios in most games:

Tippin' the Yippi: A shot with a good arc won't tip the YippiYappa basket. If you tip it over and Peloties spill out, here's how sort out that mess:

  • The shot ball that tipped the Yippi comes out and must be re-shot.

  •  Any of your opponent’s Peloties that spill out are returned to the Yippi once it's righted.

  • Any of yours that were already in there prior to the shot that tipped the Yippi, can stay in.

Mashin' the basket: Sometimes the rim or sidewall of the Yippi will get smashed with a shot 

  • Beginner rules: open it up. Or cuff the top as described above.

  • Advanced – leave it as is and use your shots to re-open the rim.

Ball retrieval in racing games: No interference or hip checking the other team as they retrieve their balls. No touching the other teams balls ever, unless you are taking pity on them and gently pass a cupcake right back to them...

How to divide up the Pelotie balls: You’ll notice each team gets 4 balls – 3 of which are identical and one that is solid with coordinating dots.  This coordinating ball is the “money ball”.  It’s worth 2 points when scored. It must always be shot last. Since it’s shot last, there is a chance the money ball may hit one of the other Peloties in the YippiYappa and bounce out. High risk, high reward.  In some games like in the cotton, the money ball is worth one extra point not 2, as in it could be worth 3.

Money ball in race games:  In games like Taps, the money ball is just a ball on the team and has no special value or use.  Shoot it and make it at any time. 

Pro variation: Many of these games can be done as teams where you and your partner go and then the other team goes.  Or better, if each team has a YippiYappa kit then you can race in real-time.